NRI Divorce

We are handling NRI Divorce.

Due to their residence status Non -Resident India divorce cases or divorce proceedings in India proves to be peculiar. These divorce cases or divorce proceedings need special attention and requirements

We are based at Delhi. However with robust team of lawyers and wide network, besides Delhi district courts, we cover the NCR regions as well as other parts of India.

We are among the fastest growing and top divorce lawyers.

We provide free divorce consultation, divorce case evaluation and represent the clients in court of law as Divorce lawyer.

We assist and represent clients in various court of laws.

What NRI divorce legal services do we provide to our clients?

– Free online divorce legal consultation

– Free divorce case evaluation

– Representing clients in a court of law

– Settlement or mediation

How we can be contacted for NRI Divorce consultation?

– Fixing an online appointment. Telephonic or video conferencing

– Email.

– Call : 9811899279

– Whatsapp message

– Instant chat

– Contact us form : Appearing below

Why do clients choose us for NRI divorce case?

-Fair and impartial views

-Best legal advise

Issues may be complex. It is imperative to listen to the client.

We give ear. We understand the issue, weigh them on legal parameters, and come out with a practical solution.

-Proper paper work or documentation

-Effective legal services in Family and matrimonial related law suit

-Honouring Client’s Trust

Client has issues. He does not have the solution. He may not have the vision which goes to the solution.

Trust is bestowed upon a professional by the client to give him a solution in his best interest. To give him that clear vision that goes to the solution.

We honour that trust.


The client shares his issues with a professional. Such issues may contain non -public or confidential information of the client.

We honour the confidentiality of the client.

Grounds of divorce in India under Hindu Law


– Desertion

– Cruelty

– Desertion

– Conversion

– Insanity

– Conversion

– Venereal disease

– presumption of death of spouse

– If Husband is guilty of unnatural offenses

– If marriage was solemnised before Girl attained required age of marriage (which is at present 18 years)

Divorce laws in India

Hindu Marriage Act, 1995

Divorce Act, 1869

Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Divorce) Act, 1986

Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act, 1939

Special Marriage Act, 1954

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