No hefty stamp duty on Gift deeds now in Uttar Pradesh

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Date:June 25, 2022

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Now there will be no hefty stamp duty on gift deeds payable in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Earlier existing hefty Stamp duty on gift deeds will not be payable in the state of Uttar Pradesh when the gift is being made to the family members (i.e. father, mother, wife, son, daughter on law, son-in-law, own brother, own sister, grand-daughter or grand-son.  

Uttar Pradesh Government has come up with a notification doing away with the stamp duty payable on the registration of Gifts.

The notification is issued by the Stamp and Registration division of Govt. of Uttar Pradesh being No. -8/2022/566/94-एस0आर0-2-2022-700(29)/2021  dated 18 June, 2022

Notification issued by UP Government

Read here: Notification No. 8/2022/566/94-एस0आर0-2-2022-700(29)/2021  dated 18 June, 2022

Following is the notification issued by UP Government:



In pursuance of provisions of clause (3) of Article 348 of the Constitution of India, the Governor is pleased to order the publication of the following English translation of Government notification no. 8/2022/566/94- S.R-2-2022-700(29)/2021 dated, 18 June, 2022.



No. 8/2022/566/94-S.R-2-2022-700(29)/2021 Lucknow, Dated, 18 June, 2022

In exercise of the powers under clause (a) of sub-section (1) of section 9 of the Indian Stamp Act, 1899 (Act no. 2 of 1899) as amended in its application to Uttar Pradesh, the Governor, for a period of six months, with effect from the date of the publication of this notification in the Gazette, by giving remission, in the stamp duty chargeable on gift deed under Article 33 of Schedule 1-B of the said Act of 1899, is pleased to fix the maximum stamp duty as set out in column-2 of the table below on the gift deed as set out in column-1 of the table below :-


Description of the instrumentMaximum stamp duty
Such gift deed, whereby the doner, transfers immovable property in favour of family members [Father, mother, husband, wife, son, daughter, daughter in law (wife of son), son in law (husband of daughter), real brother, real sister, Grand son/grand daughter].Rupees 5000.00  

By order

Veena Kumari Pramukh


Stamp duty on gift deed payable now in Uttar Pradesh

Now maximum stamp duty payable in respect of the registration of Gift deed is Rs. 5,000/- (Rupees Five Thousand Only)

Stamp duty on gift deed payable earlier in Uttar Pradesh

Earlier a stamp duty of approximate 7 % was payable on the registration of the Gift deed of immovable property.

Validity of notification

This notification is however valid only for six months with effect from the date of publication.

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