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Real Estate Transaction Lawyer in Delhi & NCR

We are providing legal services for Real Estate Transaction or Property Transaction Lawyer.

Through our robust team of lawyers and network we are helping our clients in gift deed legal consultation, drafting and its registration in Delhi, NCR regions and other parts of India. 

What legal services do we provide as Real Estate Transaction Lawyer?

We are providing followings legal services as Real Estate Transaction Lawyer:

Legal opinion in Real Estate Transaction

Real Estate document verification

Real Estate Title search or verification

Real estate Due diligence comprehensive

Real Estate purchase legal advice and assistance.

Real Estate sale legal advice and assistance

Sale deed drafting and registration

Gift deed drafting and registration

Will drafting and registration

Documentation / Agreements

Property registration

Joint venture or collaboration Agreement

How do we act as Real Estate transaction lawyer?

Chart out and advise a course of action.

Facilitate compilation of necessary documents.

List down and advise on requisite legal documents to be signed and executed.

Drafting of Real Estate Transaction documents.

Facilitate appointment with Sub-registrar’s office for registration Real Estate Transaction documents.

Facilitate signing and execution of Real Estate Transaction documents and / or other legal documents.

Why do you need a Real estate transaction lawyer?

The legal document involves the applicability of laws.

You need skilful drafting.

It is advisable that you hire a legal expert.

An execution of Real Estate Transaction or Property Transaction documents under expert supervision or advice will have the least vulnerable to challenge in a court of law.

A legal document should always be drawn by a legal expert.

It will ensure the legality of Real Estate Transactions documents

It will ensure smooth execution.

Why do clients choose us Real estate transaction lawyer?

Best Legal Advice 

Issues may be complex. It is imperative to listen to the client.

We give ear. We understand the issue, weigh them on legal parameters, and come out with practical solutions.

Honouring Client’s Trust

Client has issues. He does not have the solution. He may not have the vision which goes to the solution.

Trust is bestowed upon a professional by client to give him solution in his best interest. To give him that clear vision which goes to solution.

We honour that trust.


The client shares his issues with a professional. Such issues may contain non-public or confidential information of the client.

We honour the confidentiality of the client.

If you have a question or query, how do you contact us

For general questions, you can visit our FAQs sections.

For specific questions or queries related our legal services as Real estate transaction lawyer, we can be contacted by:

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Call : 9811899279

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In which locations we are providing services as Real estate transaction lawyer?

This legal service we are providing for our clients located at :



Greater Noida




Through our associate offices, we are also providing these services to various other major cities in India.

Other real estate legal services

Property purchase legal assistance & advice

Title search

Due diligence  – Comprehensive

Property Transaction support

Legal Documents – Agreements


Buy or Sell Agreement dispute

Breach of contract – Specific performance                                                                            



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Transfer of Property Act, 1882

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