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Property Fraud lawyer- Property fraud 

Legal service: Property Fraud lawyer

What is property fraud?  

Property fraud is a fraud which is related to the property. The fraud may related to buying or selling of property, creating mortgage or encumbrance, selling on false promises or assurances etc.

Such act is committed by criminal minded people with intention to defraud and gain illegal money or gain unlawfully.

Such act is criminal and is punishable offence under the criminal laws in India.

Types of property fraud

Property title fraud

Selling or attempting to sale a property without seller having title to the property, representing himself owner of the property.

Selling or attempting to sale a property without seller does not have clear title to the property

Selling or attempting to sale a property on the basis of false or forged title documents.

Selling or attempting to sale a property on false and misleading representation or assurance

Selling without Authorisation

Where seller has no authority of sale, however he or she sells or attempt to sale.

Where a person sells or attempt to sale without property authorisation or based on false or forged Power of attorney.

Selling to multiple buyers

Selling the property again and again or to multiple buyers concealing the fact of previous sale in order illegal gain.

Selling or attempting to sale on Fake or false assurance or promises

Selling or attempt to sale property mortgaged property

Creating mortgage in property multiple times

About us as Property Fraud Lawyer

We are among the top Property Fraud Lawyers in Delhi.

We provide Free online property fraud related consultation, and represent the clients in court of law as property fraud lawyer.

With robust team of lawyer and wide network we are helping our clients in all six district courts in Delhi (including East Delhi District Courts, North Delhi District Courts, South Delhi District Courts, Tis Hazari District Court, New Delhi District Court) 

We are also helping our clients in District courts in NCR Regions (District Court Noida, Greater Noida, District Court Ghaziabad, District Court Faridabad, District Court Gurguram

We also represent our clients in various High Courts (Prayagraj or Allahabad High Court, Lucknow High Court, Punjab & Haryana High Court, High Court of Karnataka, High Court of Chennai, High Court of Patna, High Court of Kolkata, High Court of Hyderabad, and other High Courts)

We also represent our clients in Supreme Court of India.

We are serving as property fraud lawyer for our domestic as well as NRI clients.

What legal services we are providing as property fraud lawyer

Legal advice on property fraud

Property fraud police complaint

Filing property fraud police complaint and pursuing police for this complaint on behalf of victim of fraud.

Defending Property fraud police complaint

Defending clients against Property fraud police complaint.

Representing clients before police in defence of property fraud police complaint.

Anticipatory bail in Property fraud complaint / FIR

Bail in Property fraud FIR

Property fraud criminal prosecution

Initiating criminal prosecution against the property fraud.

Property fraud complaint in court

Property fraud complaint before Magistrate under section 200 Cr.PC

Property fraud defence

Defending clients in property fraud trial, or property fraud complaint.

Property fraud complaint quashing

Property fraud FIR quashing

Appeal against conviction in property fraud cases

Why do clients choose us as Property fraud lawyer?

Best legal advise

Effective legal services

Honouring Client’s Trust

Confidentiality: We honour the confidentiality of the client.

Courts of Appearances as Property Fraud lawyer

Delhi District Courts

We represent our clients in Delhi District Courts as :

Property fraud lawyer in Tis Hazari Court

Property fraud lawyer in East Delhi / Karkardooma Court

Property fraud lawyer in  New Delhi / Patiala House Court

Property fraud lawyer in  South Delhi / Saket District Court

Property fraud lawyer in  Dwarka District Court

Property fraud lawyer in  Rohini District Court

NCR Regions

We also represent our clients in courts in NCR regions as :

Property fraud lawyer in Noida / Greater Noida / Surajpur District Court

Property fraud lawyer in Faridabad District Court

Property fraud lawyer in Gurugram / Gurgaon District Court

Property fraud in Gurugram / Gurgaon District Court

High Courts

We also represent our clients in various High Courts including the followings:

Delhi High Court

Prayagraj or Allahabad High Court

Lucknow High Court

Punjab & Haryana High Court

High Court of Karnataka

High Court of Chennai

High Court of Patna

High Court of Kolkata

High Court of Hyderabad

Other High Courts

Supreme Court of India

We also represent our clients in the Supreme Court of India.

Locations where we are providing legal services as property fraud lawyer?

We are providing these services for our clients in the following locations:



Greater Noida




Through our associate offices, we are also providing these services to various other major cities in India.

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